SNUBA Diving at Beaches Resorts

SNUBA is SCUBA for kids!!  This activity is new at Beaches Resorts and is available for a small fee of $89 per person!

Who can SNUBA at Beaches Resorts?

As long as your kids are 8 or older, this is a great add on activity to try out at Beaches Resorts. You remain in shallow water, as your regulators remain connected to a raft floating above your group. The hoses are 20 feet long, which means the dive sites are generally around 12 to 16 feet deep and not the same sites certified divers visit. All those participating in SNUBA do need to fill out a health questionnaire, which is easily completed at the dive shop.

How do you sign up for a Beaches SNUBA excursion?

When you arrive for your Beaches SNUBA adventure, you pick up a pair of fins and a mask. Try on the fins to ensure they fit comfortably before you head to the boat. For SNUBA, you do not need a snorkel with your mask, and you are always free to bring your own from home. Grab a towel from the pool or beach to bring with you to dry off a bit once you finish your SNUBA excursion. Aside from that, you need just your swimsuit and an underwater camera if you choose to capture your moment. You receive your small “vest” and weight belt on the boat.

The boat takes you directly to a SNUBA dive site. Once you arrive, the leader explains what you will see and answer any questions you may have. He also shares signals you and he use under water to communicate. You then clean your mask and put on your fins and weight belt. The weights ensure you easily go to the bottom to swim, and if you don’t know how many pounds you need, the SNUBA experts from Beaches help you. For certified divers, you generally need two pounds less than normal, as there is no BC.

As you carefully make your way to the back of the boat, the leader is already in the water to help. The captain remains aboard the boat at all times for safety reasons and will help you get into the water. The leader does a SCUBA dive to allow him more freedom to move amongst the group to assist as needed. In the water, you use the regulator to breathe even before you go below the surface. Get comfortable while everyone gets in the water, as you hold onto the edge of the raft.

During your Beaches SNUBA adventure, the leader will swim ahead of the group to guide you along the trip. Depending on how quickly the group uses the air in the tank, you may have 20-25 minutes under water to explore. Your leader will periodically surface to check on the pressure remaining in the tank on the raft you pull with you. If anyone struggles to descend, the leader assists to ensure everyone comfortably and safely makes it to the bottom.

Where can you SNUBA?

Right now SNUBA at Beaches Resorts is offered only at Beaches Ocho Rios and Beaches Negril in Jamaica, as well as Sandals Ochi Beach Resort and Sandals Royal Plantation in Ocho Rios, Jamaica. The team plans to expand this to all Beaches and Sandals Resorts as they train throughout their locations over the next year plus. Definitely ask to see if you can SNUBA on your next vacation!

This is not included in the price of your Beaches Vacation, and currently costs $89 per person for the trip. Sign up in advance, as each raft supports just four people doing SNUBA. Currently, each location has just one raft per trip. Beaches told us the goal is to move to two, allowing eight guests per excursion. As with all watersports activities at Beaches Resorts, you can sign up one day in advance. Be sure to show up ten to fifteen minutes before your departure to ensure you have maximum time on your adventure.