The Vendor Fee Dilema


While planning destination weddings with Sandals & Beaches Resorts we run into brides that want to bring their own Officiant, Photographer or Videographer.  The rules with Sandals & Beaches Resorts are pretty straight forward.  Photographers & Videographers have a $1000 vendor fee UNLESS they stay as a wedding guest for a min of 3 nights.  So, here are some senarios that you can use


If you have a photographer in the family - no issues!  Offer to pay for their trip and they do the photos for freee OR pay their photography fee and have them pay for their trip.  

If you want to hire a professional photogrpher.  The same as above can apply, just ask.  Some photographers are open to this type of deal, because they are getting something for all the work that they are putting in.   With this though I would offer to allow a spouse to come, but only pay for the airfare for the photographer.  I am sure they would think that would be a fair deal.

You could use the photographers on resort.  Look into them!  Some of them are island photographers, but you get to use their services for free.  Call the resort and ask to speak to someone or ask other brides or your travel agent.

Lastly, you could pay the $1000 vendor fee and pay a local photographer.  The choice is yours.


Sandals & Beaches Resorts, allows officiants to come on resort and perform marriages.  You are welcome to have a friend or family member, your Pastor, etc. perform the ceremony, but a government authorized officiant will say the final words "By the Country of Jamica, we now pronounce you Husband & Wife."