What Is Eloping & Is It Right For You?

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Traditionally, eloping was known to be something couples only considered if religious, cultural, or other restrictions prevented them from getting married to the person they truly loved. These couples, typically young, would make plans to skip town, only to return once it was too late for anyone else to intervene. Some chose never to return home at all, and instead began the foundations of a new life with their spouse.

Today, eloping is connected to a much sexier reality: Getting away to an obscure, exotic destination, with no one else but the person you can’t wait to spend the rest of your life with. All the while sharing the most intimate experiences, and romance in its purest form. People choose to elope for many reasons, and do it in many unique ways.

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The best parts about eloping is that it is easy to organize and flexible.

  • All aspects of wedding are in your control

  • Opportunity to write nontraditional vows

  • More private and intimate

  • Less people equals less nerves

  • Spontaneous and adventurous

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